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We make rigging...

We take care for the whole assembly process making the following types of rigging:

  • Inox wire standing rigging
  • Nitronix rod rigging
  • Textile rigging with Kevlar or PBO.

We do under order, any other application and job able to be done with the same system:
  • Canvas supports
  • Rails
  • Roofs
  • Element lifting
Rigging maintenance:
The rigging maintenance process is essential for the general performance of the boat, Our recommendation is to carry on the following maintenance:
  • Inox wire rigging: It is strongly recommended to change it every 12 years (if it has had the proper maintenance over these 12 years).
  • Rod rigging: It is strongly recommended to check it every 4 years and change it every 8 years.
  • Textile rigging: It is recommended to check it every 2 years.

jarcias rigging cabullería
For making our rigging we rely on the following brands:


We do the full process of unstepping and stepping a new rig of your boat:

  • Technical advice: Study and design for the proper mast stepping of any dimension on any kind of sailing boat.
  • Coordination on the unstepping operation and stepping of the new mast.
  • Complete disassembling of masts, booms, … in order to be able of making jobs of electricity, painting, etc…
  • Disassembly and assembling of decks.

Deck Hardware

Complete service with the whole responsibility for the project: Management and coordination of all the industrial participants, quotes and cost control, up to the delivery of the boat.

For making we rely on the following brands:

Rope work

All our ropes are made to measure

We work with the main rope manufacturers of the marine industry with high quality tissues and compositions, providing a maximum warranty and durability even in the most demanding conditions.

We make to measure all kind of endings that you need to cover with high performance ropes:

  • Inlaying of high performance halyards and sheets with or without thimble
  • Mooring ropes with all kinds of endings on splice and thimbles with or without leather
  • High quality endings, leather crossed sewing…

jarcias rigging cabullería
jarcias rigging cabullería

Leather works

Discover the neatness and the maximum quality of our leather finished jobs.

For making we rely on the following brands:

Revisions and checkings

In order to guarantee the security, reliability and performance of your boat, periodic maintenance is fundamental and necessary.

All materials usedon sailing suffer a fatigue that will occur more or less fast depending on the type of navigation practiced, oceanic sailing, coastal cruising or racing.

Inspection with the mast stepped:

  • General visual inspection of the mast
  • Checking of fittings.
  • Checking of any possible crack, corrosion or oxidation, …
Inspection of the stepped mast without tension on the standing rigging:
  • Mast check
  • Checking for any curvature or deformation on any fitting and/or terminal.
  • Lubricating of any accessible fitting
  • Alignment and final adjustment with tensioning of the standing rigging.
Complete inspection with the mast unstepped:
  • Checking the rig
  • Checking the rig
  • Complete disassembling of mast and fittings
  • Cleaning and lubricating of all the materials
  • Rigging inspection (standing and running)
  • Repair
  • Stepping and final adjustment

RI Measurements

RI certificates are thought for local races, that, with a low cost and simple measurements, try to promote and encourage the local fleet to participate on RI races.

RI certificates can contain parameters which have not been measured. In this case it will be assigned, according to the type of boat, a penalized measurement on sails or rig compared to the boats that have been measured. The bot owner could, through a measurer, measure each one of these penalized measure in order to improve its rating. As many more things are measured, a better ratting will have.